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• Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
• Patented Center hinge eliminates pinch points
• Folds into quarters leaving half of door accessible
• Stores vertically inside of van
• All aluminum construction, light weight and durable
• Surfaced with anti-slip, high traction safety tape
• Platform design ideal for wheelchairs or scooters with three or four wheels
The side door van ramp, designed by PVI, folds into quarters leaving half of the door opening accessible. This ramp is mounted to the floor of the van. No assembly required and it is easily installed. The side door van ramp is all aluminum construction making it light in weight and easy to use. It stores vertically inside of the door when not in use. it is available in 6 foot or 7 foot lengths, A model is made to fit most vans. The ramp unfolds to a full platform making it ideal for wheelchairs and scooters. There is high traction tape on the surface of the ramp. Weight capacity is 600 lbs.